Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your hours so we can come meet the animals?

A: My fiance and I run this out of our home.  We both work full time jobs (I’m a vet tech, he works for a local financial services company).  We also have 2 sons that take up a lot of our time with activities.  We do not allow just anyone to come into our home and we don’t have set hours.

Q: What is the first step if I want to adopt an animal?

A: First you will need to fill out an adoption application and have that approved. The application can be found on this site here. It typically takes about a week for us to approve applications.

Q: What are your requirements for adoption?



  • Cats and dogs in the home must be current on their Rabies vaccine and spayed/neutered. We do call the vet office listed to make sure all information is accurate.
  • If you rent, you will need to have approval from your landlord.
  • Once the application is approved we will notify you by email or Facebook message. When you have the enclosure ready for the animal we will do a “home check” to ensure you have a proper set up with the correct lights/heat/humidity/substrate/etc. We usually bring the animal with us and if all is in order, that will be adoption day!

Q: Why do you require spay/neutering of cats and dogs?

A: Animal shelters are full to bursting with unwanted cats and dogs. Having intact animals (cats over 6 months and dogs over 2 years) is irresponsible. The benefits of spaying/neutering far outweight the cost.

Q: Can I use the animal I adopt from your rescue to breed?

A: Absolutely not! In fact, the contract you sign when you adopt an animal from us strictly forbids breeding!